Types of bushwalking

What types of bushwalking do we do?

There are two types of walking: “on track” and “off track”.

Walking on track

This means there is a track which may or may not have a name.

A local example of a named and maintained track is the coastal track between Bundeena and Otford. That is a track. It is maintained by National Parks and has a name. In bushland where we walk there are also many unnamed and unmaintained tracks.

Walking off track

This means there is NO TRACK.

In front of you is just bush, scrub, rocks, river, forest, a mountain. Whatever. We walk through it, climb over it, scramble down it, push through it, clamber up it. Whatever. We go exploring. Sometimes a rope or tape is used . Off track walking almost always involves navigation with map and compass and/or GPS by the walk leader and requires varying levels of bushwalking experience.