Booking for walks

Please note the club's Covid-19 Guidelines.

You must join the club in order to book a walk. For information on how to join, see How to join.

Book in advance

To ensure walks are organised smoothly, please be thoughtful to our walk leaders. Walk leaders volunteer their valuable time to enable us to explore this great land of ours. Most walks require planning for transport and equipment, so please assist the leader by booking well in advance, and always send a cancellation notification immediately if your plans change.

Give the leader the correct information when booking

When booking for a walk, please provide the leader with the following information:

  • if you are a prospective member please let the leader know;

  • your emergency contact person name & number;

  • your vehicle rego number;

  • whether you are willing to offer other walkers a lift, or if you wish to car pool, and the location/suburb of your origin

  • If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you must let the walk leader know.

Suggested booking time guidelines

• Day walks – 5 days minimum notice of attending. This means Monday for a Saturday walk, Tuesday for a Sunday .

• Overnight walks – 2 weeks to 5 days minimum notice of attending.

• Advance notice walks – On a walk with a limited number, you may want to book months in advance to secure your spot.

Please remember you can ring or email later in the week, but you may be disappointed to find out the walk is full or has already been cancelled. Check your email for additional walks and any program changes. Please note that guest walkers (if permitted by the walk leader) will not be covered by insurance.