Emergency Procedures


The South Coast Bush Walking Club Inc. 

SCBW Emergency Process 

Preface: This document summarises the overall framework that provides the basis by which the Club manages emergencies, recognising that accidents are unpredictable and further judgements and actions may be required to meet the needs of a particular incident. 


Leader: the leader of the activity identified in the SCBW Program, who has primary responsibility for managing the activity and any incidents that occur. 

Personal Emergency Contact: the emergency contact nominated by each participant, as recorded in the activity notification lodged by the Activity Leader with the SCBW Secretary. 

Club Emergency Contact: an experienced member of the SCBW Committee designated as a point of contact for the Club in the event of an emergency or the late/delayed return of walkers. 

Note: If contacted about a delay, emergency or other disruption a Club Emergency Contact should ensure other Club Emergency Contacts and the Club President are informed of the situation.