South Coast

Bushwalking Club

The ethos of the South Coast Bushwalking Club (SCBW) is to undertake more challenging and remote walking with a preference for Grade 4-6 walks.  

See Grading of walks for further details.

The SCBW is based in Wollongong. Most members reside in the Wollongong, Southern Sydney, Kiama and Southern Highlands areas.  We are a member club of Bushwalking NSW and abide by its guidelines.

 Where do we walk?

Our walks cover all of these regions and beyond, usually with the starting point within a 30 minute to 3 hour drive, depending on the walk duration. We have bushwalks in the local Illawarra area, and in many parts of southern , south east and south west NSW.

 How fit do I need to be?

Our walks are suitable for anyone from moderately fit to very fit.  You don’t need experience, but you do need a moderate level of fitness to start bushwalking.  All walks are graded and leaders can assist you to choose which level of walk might be suitable for you.  As a minimum guide, you should be able to walk 8 to 10 km on undulating terrain.

 How far do we walk?

We go for single day bushwalks which can vary in distance depending on the terrain. But you would expect to walk for 5 to 6 hours on an average day walk. We offer many multi day bushwalking adventures, which involve camping overnight.  Our club also regularly offers members the opportunity to join a group for walking trips interstate and overseas.

 If this sounds interesting, read on!